Sunday, May 17, 1981, The Station debuts in Ann Landers Column under the heading, "Take Time to Smell the Roses".

Dear Ann Landers:  I wrote a little essay that appeared in the Illinois Baptist and I am sending it to you with permission to share it with your readers if you wish.  Robert J. Hastings, Editor.

Dear Robert Hastings:  It's a beauty.  Thank you for sending it on.  Ann Landers.

Robert J. Hastings, Th.D. 1924-1997
Welcome to our family website!   Robert J. Hastings is the author of the internationally recognized and acclaimed essay, The Station (c) 1980.  It was widely reprinted by popular request in Ann Landers syndicated newspaper column for over  three decades.   The metaphor of life as a train journey to be enjoyed instead of waiting impatiently for arrival at the next station struck a powerful chord with the reading public. Untold numbers of clippings of The Station were put away into Bibles, drawers, envelopes, wallets, and personal effects for safe keeping or to share with loved ones.  Many people around the world reported changing the course of their lives after reading The Station. The essay was reprinted in Reader's Digest, and various anthologies, including the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and read by Paul Harvey on his radio program.  It has been used extensively in motivational, financial and life coaching seminars.  The Station first appeared in the Illinois Baptist as an editorial by Mr. Hastings which he further adapted and painstakingly reworked.  This accounts for differences found in various published versions. He felt that reading The Station out loud or silently should invoke the building momentum and rhythm of a moving train.

The popular quote "Regret and fear are twin thieves who rob us of today." was excerpted from The Station and published in the New York Times, June 29, 2001.

A graduate of Southwestern Baptist Seminary, Mr. Hastings wrote inspirational books and material for Broadman Press and the Baptist Sunday School Board.
  He wrote an insightful autobiography titled A Nickel's Worth of Skim Milk about his childhood in Marion, Illinois, during the Great Depression. It won the Illinois State Historical Society's Superior Achievement Award for 2004. 
Hastings also created and recorded the audio stories Tinyburg Tales (c) that currently airs on Bible Broadcasting Network.

A minister for 55 years, Mr. Hastings preached thoughtful sermons and performed many weddings and eulogies.  He baptized his first converts in a strip mine pond as a young minister at Crenshaw Crossing, IL.   Later in his career Hastings became a storyteller on radio and guest lectured at writing workshops.

When interviewed about The Station in 1988, the author Robert J. Hastings had this to say, "I had the feeling when I wrote it that it would be a piece that would last. . .I just had the feeling." "I looked at it more as a gift."

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